15 Schools, 500 Voices, all of them…Louder Than A Bomb

In October 2014, a group of teens met to find their voice.

April 18, their voices will be heard and we have been there every step of the way to document their journey.

We are a team of communication students for Northern Kentucky University and for this documentary project, we are following a group of Aiken New Tech High School students who will be competing in the Louder Than A Bomb poetry slam in Cincinnati, OH.

This is a collabratory project between Wordplay, Charitable Words and Northern Kentucky University.

WordPlay is a non-profit in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Northside that provides tutoring and other after-school programs for K-12 grade students. WordPlay is sponsoring the team, WordUp, that we are following to the poetry slam. Libby Hunter, executive director & co-founder, decided to get involved in 2012 to “fill a need in the community.” For more, click on our page, “What is WordPlay?”

Charitable Words is a partner with WordPlay and has been a driving force for this documentary project. Founder and director, Tom Callinan, created Charitable Words to be a “social enterprise, partnering – not competing- with other nonprofits in collaborative projects.” Click here to read more about our project.

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October 2014, three Northern Kentucky University students met with their professors and the non-profit director of WordPlay to discuss a possible documentary project. The idea was to follow a group of Cincinnati youth as they prepared to compete in a national poetry slam coming to Cincinnati in April. This blog documents our experience and the making of a documentary!