Diary 5: Snow day interrupts preparation but not motivation

With Cincinnati buried under nearly 4 inches of fresh snow, it’s no wonder why last night’s workshop session with the WordUp team had been cancelled.

With the semi-finals rapidly approaching, some may be concerned about the lost practice.  The tutors last night were going to focus on revision, performance and push memorization last night, according to the team coach, Elese Daniels.

“Get them to focus on one piece and truly work on performance,” Daniels said in an email that went out the the group before the storm hit.

Hopefully, the kids took the extra time off of school to work on their poetry.

The good news is that six students are registered to compete in the semi-finals on March 13 & 14 and we have great hopes for them.

The semi-finals for Louder Than A Bomb will be held at the University of Cincinnati (uptown campus) in the College Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) building, room 5400 and is open to the public.

Formal Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker, Dahani Jones will MC the finals on April 18.

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