Diary 12: Celebrating Wordplay 


Lacy Robinson performs at the Wordplay celebration.


Eight months after the Louder Than a Bomb final, Wordplay students, volunteers and community members filled the 11th floor of The Merchantial Library in Cincinnati to celebrate this organization.

In the past 3 years, Wordplay has helped more than 900 children in the Cincinnati area.

Libby Hunter and a few Wordplay students.


“Kids just want to be heard,” Libby Hunter said who co-founded Wordplay.

As a part of the festivities, our new video premiered that just touched the surface of what we documented this past year.

WordPlay/WordUP: I Found Me from Sara Drabik on Vimeo.

The six-minute video showcases all the best that Wordplay has to offer. We are still working on the full-length documentary and hope to have it finished soon.

Lacy Robinson smiles on the stairs at the Wordplay event


LTAB winner and Wordplay volunteer Lacy Robinson performed a short poetry piece and spoke of the importance of not only Wordplay, but of words, poetry and performance.

“I’ve said it several times before, but Wordplay saved my life,” Robinson said.

An anthology of the work these kids have produced is available at Wordplay in Northside.


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